Innovation Workshops that Create Leaders

Based on dozens of years of experience and refinement, we have developed five practical, but powerful one-day innovation programs that give product leaders the tools to truly Innovation workshopsidentify and plan for high value product and services. Each program can be delivered separately or as a series based on your company and team needs.

Each workshop uses appropriate industry examples and case studies and can be customized to focus on your specific needs, environment and opportunities.

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The five Innovation One-day workshops we provide include:

1.   Innovation Skills Overview – One Day

An introduction to the fundamentals of innovation

This one-day workshop provides an interactive overview of the essential elements of innovation. We provide an inspiring and interactive day that guarantees to provide new insights into how approach innovation today and opportunities for improvement.

  • Learn the foundation elements of innovation success
  • Examine innovation environments with a pre-workshop assessment to learn your situation
  • Explore proven techniques and tools used by top companies
  • Learn how to implement high-impact improvements to enable your success

 2.   Attaining Rapid Customer Insights – One Day

The skills to effectively attain a deep knowledge of customer needs and problems.

At the core of innovation is the ability to harness the power of customer insight. Many companies still use market research similar to how consumers use emergency rooms – only when absolutely necessary and with great expense and inconvenience. However, obtaining fast customer insight is the fuel to both identify and validate new opportunities.

This one-day workshop provides the skills and methods to build these capabilities. In this program, participants will learn critical methods such as how to:

  • Identify the right customers to explore new-to-world products and services
  • Use simple, but powerful tools to rapidly gain customer insight
  • Use customers to validate new opportunities and estimate demand
  • Built platforms and processes for repeatable customer insight

3.   Creating Innovative Solutions – One Day

Techniques to apply innovation frameworks and enabling technology trends

Attacking new markets and taking market share from entrenched competitors takes more than “good enough” products and launch- and-pray marketing plans – it takes truly unique approaches that create new value for customers that cut through today’s noisy market environments.

The Creating Innovative Solutions one-day workshop gives teams powerful techniques to transform new concepts into outstanding new products and services.  We’ve condensed the most powerful innovation techniques from decades of research with leading companies to create practical methods for busy corporate innovators.

Participants will learn critical methods such as how to:

  • Tap emerging trends and technologies to expand and evolve your ideas
  • Align market trends and gaps with customer insights
  • Apply innovation techniques to uncover unique approaches to customer challenges
  • Create truly unique and impactful solutions
  • Bring together multiple trends to deliver new value

4.   Determining Market Potential – One Day

Methods to analyze and quantify product and market opportunities

By far, the biggest challenge of corporate innovators is justifying a concept’s market potential.  The Determining Market Potential one-day workshop provides tactical methods to evaluate ideas to quantify and qualify the size and growth-rate of a new opportunity.  Participants will learn critical methods such as how to:

  • Validate and quantify market opportunities
  • Examine and predict competitive factors
  • Determine the maturity, rate of growth, and timing of trends
  • Validate the market value of your ideas
  • Develop models for forecasting price, demand, and P&L

5.   Building Compelling Business Cases- One Day

Turn ideas into complete business opportunities to make funding decisions

The Business Case is the primary tool an innovator must use effectively in order to move any new high-potential idea forward in a corporate environment. In just one day, innovators will build the skills to develop concise and compelling business cases for new product and markets. We use real world case studies and address each section of a business case to transform ideas into real business opportunities.

Participants build skills to turn ideas into tangible projects by learning how to:

  • Apply the secrets of building compelling business cases
  • Utilize efficient, practical methods to advance ideas into high-potential growth opportunities
  • Develop  complete, concise business cases
  • Identify stakeholders, supporters and influencers
  • Create an internal selling strategy

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